A little sample of what you can find at BIO al SACCO
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The philosophy of BIO AL SACCO is trying to reduce the waste caused by packaging. Bring jars and containers from home! Or come to the store, choose the products you need, in the exact quantity you need, and then take a paper bag that you can reuse or throw with very low impact on the environment.

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Unfortunately it is not possible to sell everything unpacked. The legislation prohibits, for example, the sale of wheat flour in bulk. In any case, it isn’t possible to sell tomato purees or jams as unpacked… Therefore, at BIO AL SACCO you will also find packed products of the highest quality.

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Beautiful, colorful, healthy, tasty. At Bio to the bag you will find lots of spices that you can take just a little at a time to try them in your recipes!

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bulk, organic, short distribution chain

BIO al SACCO is a little shop created with the specific aim of trying to reduce packaging, and therefore waste, when possible. The idea of environmental sustainability of BIO al SACCO is naturally oriented towards organic products and search for local producers. Every day we hope to give quality products, which are good for health and the environment, accessible at the right price. BIO al SACCO can be reached by car (free parking from 2pm on the whole of Via Canavari) or, better still, by bicycle or on foot. If you remember, bring jars, cotton bags or the containers you prefer to fill with our products. And don't forget the egg cups for extra fresh eggs!