21 February 2019


BLU. Cheese with herbs and bluish streaks. Intense taste with spicy notes, penetrating aroma. Goat cheese of cow cheese Best before: 3 months.

BUCANEVE. Soft cheese with rind which is typically white and velvety, Delicate and soft cheese, to be consumed with the peel, excellent at the end of the meal or also accompanied by vegetables or fruit. Best before: 3 months.

CAPRIFIORE. Soft and tasty ricotta Creamy, delicate and light. Fantastic and particular product for direct consumption or as a base for the cookink of various condiments, sauces and desserts. Excellent also cooked in fry. Best before: 20 days

CAPRINO. Small fresh, delicate and creamy cheeses. Sweet and aromatic flavor, slightly acidic, typical of lactic coagulation caprine. Very versatile in the kitchen, suitable for the preparation of different dishes. Also in 3 weeksmatured version. Best before: 3 months

CERRINO. Particular cheese, very tasty with thin and elastic crust. Ccheese with a strong flavor, excellent for accompanying raw vegetables or for first courses. Best before: 6 months

CYNARELLA. Fresh cheese, thin rind, homogeneous and soft paste with light holes of delicate “milk” flavor. Made with vegetable rennet extracted from the Cynara Cardunculus plant grown on the farm. This feature makes the product unique. Best before: 3 months

FAGGETA. Cheese with an aromatic taste. Compact, thin and brownish rind. Best before: 3 months

FELCINI. Very fresh tomino of cow’s milk or goat cheese. Best before: 6 days

FRASSINELLA. Fresh cheese Thin crust, homogeneous paste, soft with light white or soft yellow holes, delicate and sweet flavor.Typical cheese, excellent both eaten fresh and after a short curing period, preserves the aroma of fresh milk. Best before: 3 months

GINEPRINO. Spreadable cheese made from pure goat’s milk. Best before: 15 days

GINESTRELLA. Small traditional scamorza with shiny and smooth golden yellow crust. Delicate flavor, also excellent for grilling or bruschetta. Best before: 3 months.

GIUGGIOLA. Classic fiordilatte mozzarella in a sealed envelope. Best before: 10 days

LECCINELLA. Fresh cheese from sweet and creamy dough. Great for direct consumption, not to be cooked Best before: 15 days

LECCINO SODO. Cheese with a sweet and slightly aromatic taste. Soft and thin crust of reddish-yellow color when fully ripe. Excellent table cheese, also spreadable. Best before: 3 months

QUERCIOLA. 2-3 months maturation (medium-hard cheese, smooth and elastic rind, light yellow dough with regular holes, tasty, table cheese for every occasion), medium maturation 5-6 months (slightly straw-yellow to straw, aroma and fragrant taste, tasty but delicate even if slightly spicy. Cheese to accompany foods that want a “cheese tasty cheese”. Excellent grated) and 8-12 months maturation (excellent grated). Best before: 30 days.

ROBINA. Tasty and delicate fresh cheese. Best before: 15 days.

RUGIADA DI BOSCO Fior di ricotta, soft, creamy and delicate, ideal for desserts and ice creams but without greases. Exceptional and particular for direct consumption or as a base for the preparation of savory or sweet dishes. Best before: 10 days